Gaining Massive traction, where does a medium-sized brand go with Instagram?

By Carina Yeoh

So your business has achieved its first milestones, You’ve hired staff, perhaps 10, 20 people.  From a small operation, now sales are reaching six figures, seven figures and growing.  You are seeing the fruits of your labor and probably relaxing a bit.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t work to be done. 

I’ve been there myself,  having an operation of hard working employees drives a brand concept into reality.

Now it’s a living, breathing artificial creation.  

It’s amazing, but the bigger it is, the more complex it gets.  So how do we ensure our creation is moving the correct way? 

All the potentially disruptive advertising platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube lets those brands with an ambitious marketing and digital knowledge leverage their creativeness for great value.  It is how to create the campaigns that are new and innovative yet retain that credibility within the consumer’s eye which is the key to success.


It does no good to create a viral video for the sake of being viral.  

The consumer has to associate that brand with what it can do to improve their lives.  It needs authenticity and credibility.  And the great thing is that all these items can gain incredible reach with the new advertising platforms.  

But remember, we are not competing with other products directly, actually we are competing for the spot in people’s minds.  No brand can physically beat another brand into submission like those boxing matches on TV. 

Brands compete for that Top of the Mind awareness.  

When something is needed, “who are you going to call?”  That something is your brand.  Are you a top 100 brand in the minds of people?

It is no wonder that most companies accelerate their growth through Digital advertising.  However, don’t be fooled into doing it yourself, get a specialist.  Leverage their knowledge.  Get going.  You’ve created that living, breathing creation for yourself.  

Let LUMO help bring that creation of your brand to life for hundreds and thousands of viewers.   

Yes this is an unabashed self promotion plug, but to be frank, people don’t see it like we do.

Leave us a note at to see what we and our talents can do for you.

Instagram talent marketing is our expertise. 

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