The true HIDDEN power of branding that nobody talks about.

By Carina Yeoh

Many times, the major brand of a company feels just like a product.  95% of products and advertisements makes people feel that way.  It’s dull and boring.  It’s incredibly easy to fall into a stupor about how a brand is viewed.  It isn’t a long term solution in many regards.

The number one mistake in my opinion is that brands fail to create a life for themselves.

Correct me if I’m wrong, most people have this thought in their head:  A brand is something we grow like one of the flowers in our garden.  We give it fertilizer, we give it sun, we give it water.  Hey our plant will grow really big and will attract everyone!  

Does this sound far fetched?  Does a big plant attract anyone? It makes no sense.

A brand is capable of so much more.  Yet 95% of companies treat their brand like a flower.  

The truly great brands find a way to integrate themselves with people,  send a message to them if you will.  Some make a conscious effort with people, some just get lucky.    

If you are here to be lucky, you can stop reading this and go buy a lottery ticket, because this is of no use for you.

Have some conversations around your brand.  Make it an active part of people’s lives.  But just being a part of someone’s life; however, it’s not the only holy grail.


The next step is to have a brand which people can be proud of. Create that story with your brand and personalities that consumers look up towards and not down at.   

Of the twenty or thirty brands that occupy the top of their minds, only a handful reside in the category which hold their highest regard.  It is in this area that brands reach truly legendary status.

Thirdly, implementation.  

It does no good to say oh….we have a famous celebrity using our stuff.  Their needs to be a story.  No one remembers products, they remember a story.  

What is so interesting about your brand story? It needs to be captivating, on point, and things which people can relate to, things people can achieve. 

Marketing is not for everyone mind you, and the majority of people pinch pennies and hire useless and expensive marketing staff that don’t see the true end of the road.  

Let LUMO help you out in your journey to creating that story. Let us create a story about your brand, places it is going, people that it changes.  

All this without an agenda except doing what is necessary to move you ahead.

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