Don't get bullied as a new startup in Instagram advertising

By Carina Yeoh

Businesses owners have to cope with so many things.  They have to make sure their logistics and production is sorted.  On top of that, they have to handle their media advertising direction.  Like most people, it is likely the logistics and production is fine, but the media?  That is a different game. 

The competition in advertising is incredible.  Your business may have its own niche, but when you want to grow and get your product known, it’s not easy.

New businesses are usually bullied to play the game of the big advertisers, but the truth is they need to handle their own advertising direction.  It’s okay to learn the ropes of marketing at the start, but eventually pushing your brand into something that pulses with life is something that you as an owner knows how to do best.

Why you should take the path least taken.

It’s tough to love a rock, but it is much easier to love a mountain.

A rock and mountain are essentially the same thing, at its core is the material built from ages ago that has withstood the test of time.  But a rock is just a rock.  A mountain with a name, such as Mt. Everest is the most ruthless mountain that ever existed and has made so many climbers turn back, inspired so many trips and adventures.  

People from every corner of the world make the journey and train incredibly hard with the aim to conquer and climb the giant mountain.

Mt.  Everest is alive to everyone that the mountain has piqued interest in.  

It is the giant demon which has turned back so many.  It is the raid boss which people have spent many hours of their lives to try and get past, to conquer.   

Secondly, Its tough to love something long term that is an inanimate as a rock, and even harder if it doesn’t grow to be something more.

So what does this mean?

Products and brands need stories, they need to feel alive not only for its success in the media realm, but also for themselves.  Do employees feel proud when they are working for your brand?  A lively brand inspires your workplace to achieve so much more than they could. 

Let’s be honest.  You hired employees to do a job, but to get them to love your company and brand, that is something money can’t buy.  

It’s only achieved when a great upper management goes down a least desirable path of creating a direction for the company.   No credit is given for nurturing, congratulations are only given for results unfortunately. 

Like I said before, most people will bully your company into taking the direction of instant gratification and instant sales.  But is that in your best interest as in your brand direction?  How do your employees feel about the direction?  Don’t get bullied. 

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