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Discover how LUMO is unlike any company out there. 

we can help you achieve your goals and ambitions.

To you the Top influencer on Instagram, congratulations.  You’ve passed the hundred thousand followers mark,  the 500,000 follower mark, or even the coveted MILLION follower mark.  Success is truly inspiring in many ways.

Imagine your Instagram growth beyond your wild imagination.  How does it feel to be successful.   

Your content helped build Instagram bring in advertisement money for them, but they have no money for you.  Not even one dollar.  

They run their ads right below and above your posts without a care in the world.  But you the talent has something that is important.  Your talent!  That is right.  We are the team at LUMO, a top tier company specializing in talent management.  Your ability to connect is what makes you….you.  You have your job being you, we have our job, getting you and businesses together.  Maximize that passive and side income that makes your life a little bit easier. 

The truth is, we don’t’ have a lot of time.  Time takes its toll on everyone.  We have limited time to do what we are good at.  Everyone has one life to live on earth.  Do you want to see how far you can go? 

Who are we?

  • Hundreds of thousands of Ringgit with businesses hungry for a voice. 
  • Writer of many articles detailing what talents and business face in the digital media and social media industry. 
  • Advisor and consultant to million dollar companies looking to enter the Instagram marketing space. 
  • eBook publisher of talent marketing in Malaysia. 
  • Industry insider to digital marketing and social marketing extraordinaire. 

We don’t have a lot of time…no one has a lot of time.  People’s fancies move on.  Hurry and get moving.  Don’t delay. 

Instagram consciously makes it harder to achieve success for new up and coming talent with each passing year.  It used to be all fun and games. 

What we have to OFFER

Being an Instagram talent is not the easiest task.  Bombardment with offers from random people, unsure how to navigate the chaos.  Your time and schedule is really full already.  Now you have to worry about advertisers, their problems, follow up on what they want. Everything gets harder and more time consuming and more troublesome.

We manage this for you so you can do what you do best: making content.  

We settle all your troubles with client complaints.  

Everyone is a critic right?  Surely  you don’t want to directly respond to complaints and criticism.  Your day can turn really bad, really quick.

If you are scared that we take your business.  No worries.  If you directly deal with advertisers or they come to you, we actually prefer you deal with them yourselves.  Of course if you want us to deal with them, we will have our costs. 

The point is we are not preventing you from doing business yourself, however LUMO provides value to clients and on the clients we provide value, we demand exclusivity.  

“…Grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate”  – Richard Branson CEO of virigin group.  You are the CEO of your Instagram business. 

If you don’t agree that what we do contributes to your success, then don’t worry we’re not for everyone.

We don’t deal in anything other than talent management.  While other companies may put you lower on the importance list, we don’t because we only have one priority, our talents.

TEN Reasons to join our team

  1. Achieve what you can in the world of Instagram.  Give it your best shot.
  2. Get as many followers as possible!
  3. Have more time for yourself!
  4. Be a top tier talent whether on Instagram or Youtube.
  5. Get those $$$.
  6. Be part of a close knit community.
  7. Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  8. Don’t be alone.
  9. It’s just so much work for a one person show.
  10. More time to concentrate on your Instagram or other passions.
Let’s just  be real, client relationships are not what you may be suited to, and there is nothing wrong with this.

End of day it is sad to achieve so much in the world of social media without the reward to show for it.  You deserve to receive what you can for your work.

Keep going it alone, maybe it will be good or perhaps it won’t be.  Time waits for no one unfortunately.  Passions and desires change.  What matter is in the present.  Would you wonder what might have been if you didn’t take that step with us.  Time is wasted if you don’t give it your all.  Doesn’t matter the task.  We all got one life to live,  what matters is how you live it. 

We are easy going however we have boundaries. which actually helps in that we don’t want to limit creativity but at the same time, job requirements are inevitable in whatever life goals we pursue.  

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